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Exhibition by Flymoustache, Marlon Duarte, Mateus Verde, Nuno Murta, Ricardo Cruzes and Rodrigo Gomes

Sheep on the loose - Maestras do Carrilhão

Exhibition by Pushkhy and João Louro

N0ite de Eletr0nica

Concert by Rita Silva and Gonçalo Penas

Digital Landscapes

Exhibition by David Bastos, Boris Chimp 504 and Rui Travasso


Exhibition - curated by Miguel Carvalhais and Luís Pinto Nunes

Museu Zer0 @ Summer in Tavira 2022

MOIRA, by D1g1t0_individual collective / Mapa Zero, by artist Nuno Lacerda

Museu Zer0 @ Summer in Tavira 2021

Exhibition S(o)al by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela / Music by Luis Conceição on Digital Image

Tavira 500

Presentation of Installations and 4 Concerts of Exploratory and Contemplative Electronic Music

The ‘‘map and the territory’’ cycle

Exhibitions - Minimal Republics by Ruben Martin de Lucas and Boris Chimp 504 by Algarve artist Miguel Neto

We support

Audience formation

A programme to present digital art in all the municipalities of the Algarve.

Artistic Creation

We support research and creation in digital art.


We encourage innovative projects in artistic creation and support services.


We collaborate with the main research centres in digital art.

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