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Having a space where young creatives and entrepreneurs can have a place of their own, equipped with equipment and other technological resources that facilitate learning, experimental practices, but also their artistic creation projects, sharing knowledge and interests together, is one of the most important pillars in the structuring and operation of the Museu Zer0 // Digital Art Centre.

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By publicising digital art, we also seek to raise awareness of the arts and culture among the entire school and creative community, in an effort to encourage the emergence of new talents, both young people interested in the arts and in the role of technology in supporting artistic creation.

At its premises in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, the Zer0 Museum provides spaces and equipment dedicated to processing data, images and sounds, as well as holding presentations, workshops and seminars, as well as training in entrepreneurship, mentoring and artistic curation, seeking to stimulate and facilitate new learning and professional endeavours on the part of the talents captured.

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The Museu Zer0 will endeavour to hold regular training activities for new talents, artistic creation projects, exhibitions and events on its premises, with the aim of creating an ecosystem of innovation and cultural creation in digital art in the interior of the Algarve, benefiting from all its landscape and natural environment, as well as all its human wealth and heritage.

Through a very close relationship with information technology companies and cultural associations in the Algarve, the Museu Zer0 is already developing close contacts with these organisations, as well as with artists and entrepreneurs to support them in the field of digital creative areas, in order to create cross-over opportunities, both in the use of new technologies in artistic production and in the creation of content solutions and other sub-projects.

Artistic creation

We will welcome individual or collective projects for learning and artistic experimentation, but we will favour initiatives aimed at creating works in digital art, with the commitment that they can be presented at our cultural production initiatives and events.

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Museu Zer0 // Digital Art Centre will be equipped with facilities for the development of knowledge and creative activities through the use of various types of equipment and technological solutions, including augmented reality tablets, virtual reality glasses, high-performance computing and graphics computers and 3D printers.

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