Exhibition - curated by Miguel Carvalhais and Luís Pinto Nunes

The Museu Zer0 presents the exhibition Space/Programme, from 15 July to 10 September, at the Santo António Convent in Loulé, curated by Miguel Carvalhais and Luís Pinto Nunes.

Space/Programme brings together works by 6 Portuguese authors whose practice focuses on computing and new media, such as Ana Carvalho's mapping and André Sier's bio-electronic installation, supported by data collection and analysis.

The duality of artificial intelligence rehearsed by João Martinho Moura, which emphasises how computer systems are always interactive; the diptych by Mariana Vilanova that rehearses the processes of forming and maintaining memories in humans; and the series of dialoguing sound sculptures by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais that establish multiple relationships with all the other works on display.

This is a production of the Cerveira Biennial Foundation and a co-production of the Museu Zer0.



Museu Zer0

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