Museu Zer0 @ Summer in Tavira 2021

Exhibition S(o)al by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela / Music by Luis Conceição on Digital Image

S(o)al exhibition by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela:
(14 July to 15 August

Salt is an important element in Tavira, closely linked to its history, culture, economy and Mediterranean diet, as well as to its visual and sound landscapes. This piece, commissioned by the Museu Zer0 from the artists Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela and created specifically for the Ermida de São Roque, explores elements of the geophony and anthropophony of salt - the sounds of its genesis, production and use - and uses salt itself as a visual, plastic and sculptural element to create an immersive space. Occupying the Ermida de São Roque for a month, this piece challenges its visitors to develop a prolonged spatial and sound exploration and to discover formal and sound relationships between the elements of the piece, the space of the church, the city, the territory, and the visitors themselves.

Artists' biographies:

Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais have collaborated as @c since 2000, producing a long list of performances and editions and regularly collaborating with other artists and collectives. Their work also develops in the area of sound art, having developed several installations in a practice that complements and expands a work characterised by radical experimentalism. In 2003 Carvalhais and Tudela founded Crónica, a label dedicated to experimental music and sound art, which they have run ever since.


Music by Luis Conceição on Digital Image:
(17th August to 17th September

In an exploration between analogue art and digital art, in the context of a religious space, the Museu Zer0 presents a live performance by pianist Luis Conceição, with a digital image as the background, on a screen where the very stories that inspired the musician to produce his works are projected. Four of the pianist's musical works are presented, one of which was created specifically for the Museu Zer0 and is currently being premiered - Movimento, Aliança Submersa, Reflexos and Caminhada. From a reflection on the movement of beings and the world and the inevitability of their action, to a walk on a beach, a lost alliance at the bottom of the sea or the idea of sounds that reflect each other like mirrors, we invite you to listen carefully to these works, accompanied by the animated image, in a format that is new to the city of Tavira. After having the opportunity to see this pianist's first live performance in the Cloisters of the Convento do Carmo on 18 August, and other live performances at a date to be announced in the Ermida itself, visitors will be able to enjoy the music and digital image until 17 September.

Artist biographies:

Luís Conceição was born on 3 June 1974 and began his musical studies at the age of 5 at the Algarve Regional Conservatory, where he completed the General Piano Course. He went on to study at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he graduated in Musical Sciences, then took a degree in Piano at the Universidade de Évora and has a Master's degree in Music Teaching from ISEIT. He has worked as an accompanying pianist, Professor of Piano and History of Culture and the Arts at various national conservatoires. He is currently Professor of Piano and History of Culture and the Arts at the Tavira Music Academy. As a pianist and composer, he has performed in numerous national and international venues, both solo and as part of chamber groups, choirs and orchestras. His professional composing activity began in 1993, and to date he has composed more than 400 works. His style is essentially fusion, with affinities with ethnic music, jazz and classical music. He currently leads several musical projects.

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