Museu Zer0 @ Summer in Tavira 2022

MOIRA, by D1g1t0_individual collective / Mapa Zero, by artist Nuno Lacerda

The Museu Zer0 presents its programme for Summer in Tavira 2022.

From 23 July to 15 August, the work MOIRA, by D1g1t0_individual collective, will be on show at the Ermida de São Roque.

MOIRA is a mixed media installation that invites a creative reinterpretation of the legend of the Enchanted Moor, which is part of Portugal's intangible cultural heritage and, in particular, that of the Algarve region. Giving meaning to the expression "he who tells a tale, adds a point", processes of individual and collective memory (re)construction are put into play. To this end, d1g1t0_individual collective proposes to explore the effect of presence that is produced in and through the voice, through its manifestations of rarefaction, interruption and appearance.

Drawing on fieldwork recently carried out in the Tavira region, namely with a group of embroiderers from the village of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, different accounts of the legend are, on the one hand, placed in dialogue with the emerging poetic work and, on the other, open to (re)interpretation by the public, inviting them to superimpose their own voice on the set of recordings that make up the sound archive collected during this procedural stage and exhibited here.

From 17 August to 30 September, also at the Ermida de São Roque, we present the video artwork Mapa Zero by artist Nuno Lacerda.

Having been invited by the Museu Zer0 to visit Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo and its surrounding area, with an interest in capturing the landscape and territory, the fauna, flora and built heritage, the artist produced a video artwork at our request.



Museu Zer0

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