Sheep on the loose - Maestras do Carrilhão

Exhibition by Pushkhy and João Louro

The Museu Zer0 presents the exhibition Sheep on the Loose - Maestras do Carrilhão, from 17 July to 13 August.

Ovelhas à solta - maestras do carrilhão is an interactive audiovisual piece of transmedia language made up of a vertical carillon of bells/rattles, played by the audience's digital shadows.

This installation allows you to play an instrument activated by the interaction of the public on burel screens. It is captured by a sensor, the information processed by a computer unit is projected onto the chime, which responds to the movement by individually activating each campaign/chime swept by the image.

The carillons are strategically distributed throughout the Hermitage in order to promote various interactive immersion environments, two in the main nave and one in the chancel.

This installation makes the link between the past (represented here by the old church, the bells and the rattles) and the future (through technological art), where the public symbolises the present through its unmistakable presence interacting with the carillon.

The piece allows for both individual experiences in the chancel and collective experiences in the main nave, a poetic correlation to the use of the hermitage in the past, where people could gather in silence, alone, or participate in group communion at mass.



Museu Zer0

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