Tavira 500

Presentation of Installations and 4 Concerts of Exploratory and Contemplative Electronic Music

On 16 March 1520, King Manuel made Tavira a city. As part of the celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of this event, the Museu Zer0 set out to be part of the celebrations of the "path conquered, looking to the future".

The Museu Zer0 organised a cycle of events supported by digital art, which supported the celebration organised by the City Council, allowing the city and municipality of Tavira to be given greater visibility for its contemporaneity, originality and aesthetic values.

Through the programme presented, which also served as a preparatory ground for the BALSA Festival - Algarve Biennial of Arts, Light and Sound, to be organised in the coming years, the aim was to show the importance of Tavira, which was, for a long period in history, the Algarve's main city, an important trading port, a strategic place in Portuguese expansion and a land of navigators. The marks of that era are still visible in the city today, in its urban planning, its riverside profile and in places like convents and churches.

The project was designed to help create an image of a contemporary Tavira, but also of the Algarve as a modern, creative and innovative region that preserves and commemorates the achievements of the past and celebrates the future.

Presentation of installations at the Ermida de S. Roque in Largo do Cano - in July and August:

  • Installation Tavira D, by João Martinho Moura - 31 July to 14 August
  • Installation Lost Dimensions, by Marnix de Nijs - 15 to 30 August

4 Concerts of exploratory and contemplative electronic music in the cloisters of the Carmo Church:

  • Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes - 5th August
  • IAN - 12th August
  • Martha of Pascalis - 19th August
  • Boris Chimp 504 - 26th August


Museu Zer0

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