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Museu Zer0

The main concept behind this museum will be to create a place dedicated to the creation, presentation, dissemination, valorisation and monitoring of art.

The big challenge, and the gamble, comes precisely from the context in which this intervention will take place (abandoned industrial premises, in a territory that is still mainly agricultural, but where extraordinary aspects and values of the Algarve's ethnography, culture and heritage remain alive) and the ambition to transform it into a centre dedicated to artistic production that will project Portugal internationally.

Its installation will involve presentation (of the works to the public), but also hospitality (welcoming resident artists for artistic creation), with the aim of attracting visitors and tourists to the Zer0 Museum and to the region, acting as a new element of international visibility for Portugal in the contemporary artistic and cultural spheres.

Our main objectives are therefore to create a facility that is both capable of making a name for itself on an international level due to the quality of the works that will be produced and presented here, and that manages to establish a link with the landscape, cultural, ethnographic and artistic values of the Algarve.


Exhibition spaces

We have 4 rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions (700m2) and 2 outdoor spaces (300m2) for events, for which we programme our own initiatives and host artistic projects every year, in co-production with our national and international partners.

Magalhães Centre for Experimentation and Artistic Creation

We will dedicate much of our space and resources to activities that encourage, support and mentor new talents in digital art, as well as other creatives who establish working partnerships with them in more technological areas. This is where the Magalhães Centre will operate, also dedicated to interregional and cross-border cooperation, including other professionals from the cultural and creative industries, in an area of approximately 500m2.

Audience mediation

In addition to all the work carried out annually in the region's educational establishments, with the support of the 16 Algarve municipalities, we will regularly welcome visits from schools and other groups of visitors, who will be offered information and activities to raise awareness and education about the digital arts.

Artist Residencies

The Museu Zer0 will have its own independent space to host artists and creatives in residence, with three double rooms and a shared workspace totalling 150m2.

Digital Art Research Centre

In order to help build networks of knowledge and work in digital art between different universities and higher education institutions, we will also dedicate our own space to hosting university professors and researchers, both for scientific work and for artistic creation projects.


Founding document

Where we started

N0 1nic10 was 0 aleph. At the end there will be zero. In the middle is art. Where is the centre?


Who we are

Find out about our starting concept, the challenges we set ourselves and the main steps we have taken to date.

Artistic manifesto

What we believe

We've already outlined a set of artistic principles, which we'd like you to get to know and comment on.

Museu Zer0

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