Luis Trincheiras


He has lived in Faro for 40 years and has been a DJ at Morbidus Bar for a long time, as well as at other venues, and has been a musician in rock bands for years (Imune, Nostrodamus, 100 NOM, Catalépsia, Nada, Apart, Take take my beautiful). He is currently a musician with Fenoid (electronic live act), CATX (a gathering of different improvising musicians) and Kilavra (spoken word).

Artist who works with sound, video (Latigid project in reverse) and loves making music and experimenting with sounds.

He's crazy about experiences related to improvised music and live performances and is the organiser of the Pixsom event. A regional benchmark for improvised music, improvised video, spoken word and shadow dance.

He is also part of the Catx project, which brings together different artists in an improvised electronic/analogue style.

He uses his own random background videos and has released three albums online in an ambient, noise, experimental, techno and nonsense vein.

Museu Zer0

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