Magellan Project


  • Activate the Magellan Centre to support CCIs
  • Detect, select and support digital art entrepreneurs and support services
  • Stimulate and develop networking at regional and inter-regional level
  • Organising cross-border events


This cross-border project, which also involves the Alentejo region and is supported by the POCTEP programme, aims to promote the development of creative and entrepreneurial initiatives in the area of culture.

At Museu Zer0 one of its Centres will be set up to stimulate the emergence of artistic creation projects and digital art support services in the Algarve region. This space will welcome entrepreneurial initiatives, which will benefit from reception and incubation areas equipped for artistic creation and presentation.

The Museu Zer0 will also provide specialised technical advice and carry out various activities to present these projects, as well as interregional and cross-border cooperation.

The Museu Zer0 will also be a space for the creation, presentation and exchange of knowledge, skills and creative processes, specially designed for the emergence of new companies based on cross-border cooperation.

Through a very close relationship with companies in the Algarve in the field of information technology and cultural associations, the ILC-Museu Zer0 will promote close contacts between these organisations and the artists and entrepreneurs supported in the field of digital creative areas, in order to create cross-over opportunities, both in the use of new technologies in artistic production and in the creation of content solutions and other sub-projects.

As stated in its work plan and budget, ILC-Museu Zero will be supported by experts in mentoring and encouraging entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries, not only for individualised support, but also in creating opportunities for collaboration at regional and cross-border level.

This advice will be both curatorial (encouraging and supporting artistic creation) and in formulating future business scenarios for artists, creators and technologists, encouraging them to formulate scenarios for their future sustainability in the contemporary art market.

The ILC-Museu Zer0 will therefore also organise training workshops and seminars specially dedicated to artists and creatives, especially in the areas of competence linked to contemporary digital art, and will actively participate in the exhibitions, fairs and congresses organised by the other partners, in order to connect the creative and entrepreneurial initiatives of digital art artists with other companies, dealers and the general public.

To this end, it will host researchers, artists, creatives and producers in the field of digital art, whenever possible, and will also make its contacts available to the other partners in the Magalhães project, both in Portugal and in the Andalusian region.


Museu Zer0

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